Never Again

What lies beneath
Words that mean nothing
A bright red mask you continue to paint
A black heart you continue to smother
Lovely words dipped into;
Whispers with kind tones,
Lovely eyes;
Each moment they darken,
They unfold
I bet you would to mold me
Push your label upon my face
Tell everyone you made me
Tell everyone you own my body;
Own my soul, own my pain
Appearances can be false to reality
I’ll paint you a picture,
I’ll bleed all the broken words;
I hear you moan I’m an ill type
I hear you tearing open my past
Poking your thoughts where they don’t belong
Pushing on top of me;
Smothering my body, smothering my lips
I choke, I cry, I am not your kind
I push away, and through the tears I say
If we ever were, it’s no more
If we ever will be, I wouldn’t be your whore
If I ever give up, I won’t lay into your arms
If you ever had any chance, most likely now it’s gone
If you ever cared, you show it in awkward ways
And if you ever loved me, well it ends today

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