In The Billowed Clouds

In the billowed clouds e'ery solitary nox, I shall greet thee;
Sure as the sun doth rise in the morrow, I shall meet thee;
Upon this you may rely, be you remote, or e'en nigh-
There I shall be, awaiting your arrival, as down to sleep, you lie!

This, our charming place, known, but to we two;
Familiar, yet e'er varied, as felicity of old, may be anew!
Our refuge, where angst may turn to solace-
Wherest nary a thought, spoilt, may befall us!

Whensoever you need find retreat from all your worry,
Fastly to our special place I exhort you scurry;
As proffered ere, be there I shall, to comfort thee-
There, with love in my heart, to assort thee!

Soon my beloved, you shan't require this viage-
Our disparate journey's genesis shall meet marriage!

Maurice Harris,31 October 2009

by Maurice Harris

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Comments (2)

very amazing, you can tell you poured your heart and soul into this and it takes an amzing amount of courage and strength to express yourself so deeply and openly as you did, i think this poem is absolutely wonderful in how it speaks to the reader especially, you have a very rare talent of putting your deepest feelings into beautiful words, dont let that end with this one poem, keep writing ^.^
A very emotional piece of poetry, very strong emotion to convey but yet you do an amazing job on this poem.