KV (November 1,1994 / Tuscaloosa)

Never Again

Well clearly I'm not over him
because I'm writing this poem
I know I say I am
but the truth hurts
I tried to make him notice me
dut it didn't work
because as you can see
I am still writing this poem
but never again
Will I let a
guy bring me down
Starting now I'm
going to turn my life around
My love for him was a fact
but never again
will I let my heart break like that

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Comments (4)

Never say never again, heart broken though.
then he was a fool to do so.. the emotions are in every word in this poem.. continue to do that well done friend -mel
i can really relate to this also... only he was my best friend and we still are best bud's.. lol... keep writing... i love your work... *(*_*) *
I can so relate. i was reading all your poems and i really thing you should read some of mine. start with ' I'm done...'