(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Never Again To Use Their Stingers

One reluctant to sting,
May choose to do so...
With a stinging done to stun,
Those stung...
Never again to use their stingers,
Without just cause,
To initiate their provocation!

A sizzling butt is painful.
How do I know this?

'Geeesshhh, man!
Pull up your drawers.'

I'm lucky.
Not everyone is given a chance,
To go through a healing.

And a pinch of a burning felt,
May be the beginning...
Of an eternal flame,
That remains blazing.

It is best not to digest,
With interest...
What one hears,
From the lips of others!

Investigate first...
Before becoming caught up,
In the middle of a heat...
Without an escape to exit.

These experiences and more,
Cools quickly...
A hot head once singed,
But saved by the process...
Of patient observation and listening.

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