Never Become You

Poem By Chel sea

Sititng in my room
Trying to remember my last thoguht of you
By thinking about you, I realize I am who i am because of you
ALl that you put me through
Why did you do, what you did to me?
You're everything I dont't want to be be

You set an example of how I shouldnt be
You showed me many ways of how it shouldn't be
You did all this without even having a clue
I will never become you

Thinking in my room
Trying to remember one good thought of you
Thinking back, I realize you are who you are and always will be
That person who doesnt love me
I still wonder why you did all this
You're everything I won't miss

Yes, I'm me because of you
But that me is strong because of you
Don't twist that into you sick ways
Don't take it the wrong way
I mean by what you did has made me who I am today

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