WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Never Been

I have never been to Ireland but one day I will. This is how I picture it in my minds eye.

I love the green fields, the wondering hillsides, and the great grass meadows to the vast shorelines of Ireland.
It is one of nature's greatest wonders.

It is so full, rich, and ripe with history that calls out to you in the night with sweet songs of melancholy.
These are the plains that the wind cries wallowing in the darkest of somber sleeps.

Soft yet sweet these melodies haunting songs that chills run down the back of your spine.
Nothing more beautiful can be seen from such bony shores.

Tongue spoken lyrically as dances trolley to a jig in synchronous rhythmic syncopation.
So happy and jolly the music skips as if children playing on the sidewalk of your mind.
This my friend is Ireland and you.

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