(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Never Burn A Bridge That Has Been Easily Given

You've lost your job and home,
The respect of your spouse...
And now your kids roam,
All over the place with hoodlums.
Since they wish not to be alone.

And I am quite surprised you've come to me.
I've lived for years on a fixed income.
And my life is lived basic and happily.
You told me once I had a life you could not live.
So glad I am blessed to have it...
And sorry to learn your life is the way it is.

I am sure there will be many lessons,
You will come to learn.
There was one you taught me yourself.
Never burn a bridge that has been easily given.
Especially one you did not earn.
And constructed just for you to cross.
Since one never knows,
When the desire to cross it again will be yearned.
But a connection has been lost.

'That's a lesson I taught to you?
I don't recall saying that.'

You don't have to!
It was my lesson.
And you were there like you are right now,
To keep it fresh as if just taught.

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