(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Never Catch Me...You Will, Not!

Never catch me...
You will,
Between slumber and wonderment.
My curiousity is active.
I've practiced staying awake and vigilant.
My steps are direct.
I enjoy employing effectiveness.

Never catch me...
You will,
Forgetting what I've started.
Or where I've been to depart.

Nor do I dropp hints of what I am doing.
My progress is noted...
In those projects I've finished.
Not those I attempt to begin...
With a dumping of them.
To become frustrated in a ripping apart,
With a grip dripping from heated anxieties.

I do not favor procrastinators!
Such thin skins they drag around,
In a pretending...
Of an importance that soon ends.

And I am one hating to be late...
Allowing someone to setup my fate.
As I await in an escalated irritation.
I do not settle for aggravation.
I leave that for anyone who discovers,
I am not the one to be found...
Tight lipped and mumbling!

Never catch me...
You will,
Between slumber and wonderment.
Or in a nod...
That slips into a deep sleep.

I choose to decide without excuses,
And move!
My feet are my tools and I use them,
For purposes to stay focused.
I do not schedule catnaps to snooze.
If it is a need I just do it but not deeply.
Even in sleep my thoughts are easily maneuvered.

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I NEED this kind of reverse psychology because physically i easily go to sleep. thanks for sharing.md on other side of the coin. he will catch you in a week or two... you beat.md