LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

Never-Ending Battle

My hands start shaking,
My heart speeds up it's beating,
My knees go weak,
This is what the thought of you does.
My head starts spinning,
My mind slows its thinking,
My world goes blank,
This is the affect you have on me.
I pray that this would all be over.
I wish that this would all just end.
Why does my heart have to take lead
In this never-ending battle with my head?
I want to forget you,
I want to move on,
This is what my head is saying.
I want to be in your arms,
I want to feel your gentle kisses,
My heart is winning out.
When will my mind grow stronger,
Strong enough to forget you?
When will my heart stop caring?
When will I stop loving you?

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