SB (5 18 of 1990 / California)

Never Ending Depression

I feel so alone. this world has a way of breaking people. day in. day out. i feel just a little more ground down the the quick. i feel this dark feeling come over me. its cold and uncomfurtable. i feel cold these days. my mind has wandered from the flock. i have lost my ability to see things in a better shade of light. every thing is dim and it scares me. the mighty all fall to gravity at some point. the meat is ripped from our bones day in and day out. i wish i could hold someone, and have them tell me its going to get better. i long for the day to come. where i am no longer lonely. where i am no longer cold. the day where i have better things on my mind then when my time comes to fall like the uncountable majority before me. But no. i feel it is my curse. to live each dieing day in a shade of ever growing depression. what has become of me? is this hell? i nolonger wish to feel this daily pain as frequent as the sun...

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Bro, when the dark digs its claws in, i know its hard fighting back. But bro we have to, its the only way to drag ourselves out of the pit of pain. Nice write bro
Excellent descriptive write about the slide into depression...look out of your window Shane....tell us what you see there...not the answer to the dark moods but believe me it's a start....10+++