(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Never Ending Marathon

Forgiving to do to get done,
Can be compared to running...
A never ending marathon.
With the hope in the midst of it,
Not to quit the commitment.
Although it seems what is felt to feel,
And remembered...
Has an extended finish line.

Always there is 'something' or someone,
Wishing to test what has been put to rest.
That makes one grit and bite on lips,
Praying to God to intervene and prove...
Miracles can happen to validate 'His' existence.
With a soft voice to hear to make it clear,
He is near.
Or has picked and sent a representative.

Please keep me cool.
Don't let me be that fool to lose my temper.
Help me recognize with open eyes and ears,
That I am not without allies.
God please show to me at least one that appears.')

~Have you had your eyebrows plucked?
Or are they naturally arched that way? ~

Please keep me cool.
I know my faith You wish me to prove.
And if You have sent that fool to test me,
God please forgive me if I should re-act...
Because I am finding it difficult to undo,
A mood and attitude I want to remove.
Please show me a sign what I should do.')

~I'm joking.
Nothing in life should be taken 'that' seriously.
I don't blame you for ignoring me.
Somedays it is better,
To have those private conversations.
I understand.~

('Thank You, God.
I was seconds from going 'off' track.
Thank You for bringing me immediately back.
Thank you for helping me calm myself down.')

~You know,
God works in mysterious ways.~

'This I already...what?
WHY...are you bothering me?
Can't you see,
I have nothing to say to you? '

~Don't chase the race.
Stay ahead of it.
Have a good day.
I'll be on my way.~

('Huh? ')

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