EA (1/23/90 / CA)

Never Enough

Everything I do seems to never be enough
everything I say seems to fade away
everything I am is never enough
everything I'm not is what they make of me

do I or should I even care
what these people even say or think
why does the world consist around them
what makes them better
what makes them greater
what makes them them

is it the way they look
is it the way they talk
is it the way they walk
what makes them better then me
to think that they can walk all over me

do I look like a toy to you
am I just the wind in the air
am I just a nobody
walking around this world
lost and confused

I'm sick and tired
of being pushed and shoved
being walked over like nothing
I am a human bean like everyone else
I'm not a mat to rub your feet on

I'm in this world to make a difference
to show that I'm not like everyone else
to show their is something more to me
more then just another empty body

I wasn't made for glory or power
I wasn't made for hate or death
I was made for love and care
to protect those in need
to stand up for those who can't
to humble and build up

this is why its never enough
people always need more
the need for love and protection
I grow weak as my family grows strong
this I accept this fate of mine

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This is a really beautiful poems. It totally describes me because I am also suffering depression and I know how you feel.
great poem.