FRS (12/02/59 / Baytown, Texas)

Never Enough Time....

Time here amongst you is now less than few,
For my fate is now written upon this stone of reality for all to review.

My thoughts pass by, as if they shall never return,
For the days now scurry through my unsettling of all concern.

It is my life’s destiny that I now know was written with no guarantee,
Though it is my endurance you prayed for while begging for your plea,

I have sincerely accepted what has been set forth upon my enduring lost soul,
And now I recognize that time is no longer and beyond all our control.

All days left are surely encountered upon one by every one,
While I quietly lay here and remember when my life had only begun.

This timeless existence of life now turns to irrepressible flowing of my empty tears,
As my spirit undoubtedly just seems to take its last breath and slowly disappears.

This formerly vigorous heart within now stirs unbeaten by a rhythm no more,
For this once I thought as something I would certainly be embraced for.

My life here is surely forgotten, as now my spiritual soul makes it glorious heavenly climb,
For now and now only do I realize there is never, never enough time.

by F.L. Racca Sr.

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