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Never Ever Land
PZG (september 17,1986 / Initao, mIsamis orriental)

Never Ever Land

Poem By Pete Zaesar Galula

A lot of things
traversing in my head
like ping pong balls,
smashed back and forth,

and i'm going to Never Ever Land
with loose screws in my brain
I'm losing my grip
from the real world

A lot of things
come crashing down,
from the apex of my mind
down to the pit of my heart
paralyzing my senses

A lot of things,
I can't put into complex sentences,
only lifeless punctuation marks
on a crumpled yellow paper
with lame dame smileys

A lot of things,
a lot of things
disintegrating inside
when i hear her calling
my boring name,
on a warm Wednesday morning.

A lot of things,
just a lot of things
not meant to be understood
just a lot of things

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How thought provoking... Intersting but understood.