Never Fair

Poem By Ontibile Laone Kebadirang

I used to be such an idealist, believed everything goes well when you do well
I used to think that babies were born to parents that always loved them
I thought justice would be served for every injustice suffered
I believed if you really loved you couldn't lose
I used to think sex was just for pleasure
Until one day, just one, the tables turned

And me the passionate lover of love was lying in a hospital bed
Thick blood oozing down my legs soaking everything with my guilt
One moment of pleasure had turned the tables on me
That one moment of pleasure turned me into a mother only at sixteen
He was nowhere to be found, He that had said he couldn't live without me; He was nowhere to be found
Vanished with the summer breeze as my winter started
A child I desperately wanted to die couldn't die; somebody had arrived just on time
And here we were mother and child, both safe
I safe because for my treason I couldn't go to prison for the life I had
Attempted murder would have been my charge
But somebody I didn't know and I couldn't care for saved my life

Now justice had to be served
The more I tried the more I realized justice is a hoax
He got away with paying a mere 300 every month till she was eighteen
I didn't care about child maintenance
I wanted justice served, for breaking my heart I wanted him to pay
But that's all the judge thought it was worth,300 Pula and that wasn't even for me
So I settled with that bitter taste of reality, Life is not fair

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