CT (14/06/1998 / Vietnam)

Never Fooled Again

It’s been a while since we talked
I waited on you, not knowing that you’re also waiting on me.
During that time, I’ve sat back and through that pain I’d walk
all those pain you left me with are gone now, I am free.

But then today, you charged back into my life.
Shouldn’t you know better to stay away?
Clearly I’ve gone over it, don’t talk to me, I will strife
Get out! Get out right now, don’t delay!

You kept on with your lies so well
and at the end blamed it all on me.
You never believed when I told the truth, oh hell!
And at the end I’m always the “love” escapee.

Trust me…why wouldn’t you fight your jealousy and lust?
If for once you closed your eyes and actually think
We’re going in circles, my efforts always turned to dusts
Sacrifices I made flew to forgotten within a blink.

This is it! We’re done. I’m not fooled again
so don’t go beg me, I will not alter.
Enough of the lies, enough of the pain
because I know if I risk again, from you I’ll falter.

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