MS (8-5-1960 / Milwaukee Wisconsin)

Never Forget

The lights twinkle in the night
Our Father has lost his fight

With Christmas fast approaching
Each of us keep coping

Tis the season he loved the most
Now all we have is his Christmas ghost

The season was his time of year
Family together is what he held dear

So even though we miss him more
We are what he did adore

He loved the element of surprise
You could see it in his eyes

It wasn’t about presents or gifts
But what was behind the big snow drifts

It was about being just one
Wife, daughter, son

Now that he is with the Lord above
It’s up to us to show our love

He’ll be missed this day and others
But he’s now at home with his brothers

The thought of his big smile
Will stay with us for along while

So as we sit and say Christmas grace
Just remember his smiling face
It’ll get easier as each year past
But never, should this be his last

So each and every time
You bring out the holiday wine

Raise your glass and offer a toast
To our one and only Holy Ghost

Thank him for the time we shared
And no that he loved and truly cared

So as next season comes abound
Our father like us will be around

by Mike Schulz

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