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Never Forgotten
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Never Forgotten

I often wonder what may have been
But losing you was completely unforeseen.
I would have taught you to ride a bike
I wonder what you would have looked like.

If you were a girl would you have had long brown hair?
Or would you have been my blue eyed boy standing there?
All these questions I have in my mind
But I know the answers I will never find.

This year you would have been six years old
How I wish you were here to hold.
You would have now been in school
And I would come running whenever you'd call.

Watching you open your birthday gifts
Your beautiful smile would cause my heart to lift.
I would have been there ot catch you as you fall
There to protect you from that evil monster, Paul.

How I would have felt so proud
As you call me 'Mummy' so clear and loud.
I would be there to wipe the tears away
In my heart you'll always stay.

How I wish I could have watched you grow
It saddens me that you had to go.
At least this way you would have come to no harm
To keep you safe, I would have given my right arm.

You will never be forgotten
Sometimes life can be so rotten.
I hope that you didn't feel a lot of pain
My loss is heavens gain.

You are now my Angel up in the sky
I think of you with every day that goes by.
Now I know you're in a safe place
I often dream of your sweet angelic face.

How I wish things had worked out a different way
And that it hadn't been you who was made to pay.
This is a message for my Angel up above
From your Mummy with so much love.

This is for my Baby who sadly didn't make it in to this world. Although it has now been six years since the tragic loss, it will always be something that I can never forget. I hope that my Angel is looking up from the skies above and knows how much I dearly love them. xxxxx

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