Liisten To His Cries

Silance! Don't say a word
Just listen 2 His cries.
Don't try 2 explain.
No excuse! No more lies!
He's ypung, but not dumb.
He knows what He see.
He trust no one
Only His Daddy.
Dad, Daddy, Father
Thats what ur called
But not what u are.
If u don't change
He will be sacrred.
Much trust, faith and hope
Waisted in u.
Promise u made Him
Never came true.
Listen 2 His cries
No excuses! No more lies!
He is ur life
U was all he had
So Man Up and be a Dad.
Be srong start 2 fight
For once make him glad.
Silance! Don't U DARE
Start with lies
For once listen 2
His Cries.

by Tyesha Doy

Comments (3)

I will gladly give my heart away, just to find the one that doesn't play! Georgi Nedelchev
Should we hede these words or make ourselves succumb to the beating of the 'other' heart, within the one we love? Should we succumb to the beating heart and not take warning from the start of these, kind words of one, who has been and lost his heart to love?
Such poetic advice still rings true.