Never Give Up

Poem By Rudy Hossam

Sometimes life is against you
You see it turning......
From dark to darker
Wishing it's just a nightmare
And soon you'll wake up......
Wishing it's just the night
And soon there will be light......

But you realize you were wrong
It's all very true
It's neither a nightmare nor the night
It's just things are no longer right......

In a corner you sit......
Crying blood instead of tears
Waiting sadly alone
In that little seat of yours
Thinking that that would change the world......

Unfortunately that's not true
The world just won't change for you
The world isn't yours....And isn't free for you

If you want it......Go for it
Stand up and think quick
Try to change suit you
Try to fix it.......and make it yours

If you fail......Try once more
Never give up......Never lose hope
And remember it's your goal......
Things don't change from the first shot
And light was invented
After a thousand try or more

Comments about Never Give Up

The darkness over here is really colorful and has magnificent imagination.. Keep up the good work.. Rated +10
Commendable effort, Rudy. Your employment of tight, crisp stanzaec structure provides an eye-pleasing, mellifluous read...Be cautious of your graphical termonology in establishing metaphoric imagery IE: (blood/tears)[ I.M.O.], that particular line in your poem, does not mesh well with the non-surreal tone of this poem....which, overall, i like.Of course, you are the author, and I.M.O., is just that, and nothing more...Nice Work...Keep that pen pumping! F j R 2009
A powerful and very moving poem, wonderfully well written - a well-deserved 10, and added to my favourites. Great writes!
The title says it all Rudy and your good versing brings this theme out really well - - - you are positive in the main with words like hope and in all this is well penned..... a 10 + + from Fay.
I luved it..well written and very passionate..XD

Rating Card

4,9 out of 5
8 total ratings

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