Never Give Up

Alright here it is the from me to you
letting it all loose because i got nothing better to do
its my life story I'm pushing through
expressed in the simplest ways, all of its true
and i know it seems like I'm always writing about depression and sadness
but for me to be able to continue i need to get rid all of this madness
why keep it in when it wants to be letten out
is stuck on the inside, scream and shouting, trying to get out
half the time i don't even know what its talking about
look at it this way
if we never felt the feelings that we do
then we could never progress throughout life, lost and without a clue
without mistakes we cant progress
without being denied, we cant be at our best
we need to go through the misery and tears
so we can learn from our faults and be able to steer clear
of the troubles and mistakes that we always seem to make
getting back all of the endless days we have spent trying to stay awake
from this dream that continuously is set on play
the tapes stuck on record and its impossible to make it go away
everyones trapped inside of themselves
walking to wards the light, hearing the faint sound of bells
walking to wards the sound hoping it will be your escape
turns out it was the the sound of record button on the tape
your back to the beginning, your life's on rewind
no matter what you do you cant seem to get it to unwind
then when it comes to our actions and what you can or can not do
it makes us think of how messed up we can be, and how i could be to
being pressured by the devil to commit harmful crimes
while your gut instinct is telling you to think this over one more time
you cant decide, not caring about the end results
forcing yourself to lie, acting like it wasn't your fault
you seem to blame others for what you have done
putting all the weight on them, not knowing were it even came from
now you made someone else's life a big gasping whole
your slowly killing them and the effect is taking a tole
look at it this way
whatever you do, it is for a reason
even if you doubt me you need to keep believing
that your not the only one in this world that is having a hard time
just give yourself time and i guarantee that you will be fine

by Dean Morris

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poetry is one of the best stress relievers there are... and i believe it is the best form of therapy, far better than any shrink.