MS (1993 / )

Never Give Up Hope

Dedicated to 萍 萍 , the girl who makes the sun shine brighter than usual. =)

When you feel that all else starts to fall,
Or when you're backed against the stone cold wall,
Never give up hope,
Because you never know when miracle's gonna call.

When you feel like the world's at it's end,
Or when your heart seems to break, unable to mend,
Never give up hope,
Because life holds it's own beautiful plan.

When you feel directionless, or confused,
Or when loneliness creeps into you,
Never give up hope,
Because two thousand miles away, someone's thinking about you.

When you feel anguish to the core,
Or when your beating heart's at war,
Never give up hope, Open up the door,
I'll be there to listen, 'cause that's what friend's are for.


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A wonderful uplifting message for all. Something great can be just around the corner. A '10! ' Keep writing and sharing! Best Wishes, Marilyn