CT (4th November 1994 / Stoke Mandeville)

Never Gonna Loose You!

Just when i think things cant get worse,
There you are, smiling back at me.
We are all laughing, joking,
You come and silence, for goodness sake Take The Hint!
You rude and arrigant, your selfish and stubborn,
You think that your funny, you think that your loved.
You make us angry, You make us cry,
You make us laugh, Sure, but not in the way you think.
These aren't just my words, There her's and his,
This is from us all, From everyone you have made cry,
From everone whose life you have made hell.
This isn't just from me, This is from us all,
And if you read this, You wont guess its you we're talking about;
You to full of self to realise what is going on around you!
Look here, Look there, you may play the innocent,
But Thank The Lord that they ahve finally realised what your like.
There might still be one or two who dont know,
But what are they against the whole of year 8.
Boys and Girls look down at you,
You might think your posh and on top;
But do you know what? We respect the tramps in the gutter,
More than we respect and admire you!

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