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Never Good Enough
CH (10 of December 1989 / Atherton)

Never Good Enough

Poem By Caitlin Hazel ......

im always so lonely
im way out of touch
iv never felt good
never good enough

i cant change this feeling

everyone elses thoughts are filling my head
i wish i could think on my own
im so misunderstood
i want to leave, i wish that i could

im forced to face this world alone

i cant do anything right
and i feel im closer to failure everyday
you get mad and violent
but that doesnt explain why i have to pay

im never going to be good enough

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Comments (6)

i'd always be with you, if you wanted.
this is a really good poem, and its so true. people have so high expectations, that they just wont except anything that they think is less than them.
unfortuatley, this seems to be the way everyone feels, althoguh i'm sure that there are ppl that u dont know about that appreciate you, so dont worry :)
I think you are good enough, you have left a really awesome comment on one of my poems that says why shouild young people hurt sooo much? Well someone to consider other people's feelings is a person filled with good, and if someone else thinsk your not good enoug hgive me their address, i will soon change that! ! Kaila -xXx-
You have to feel good about yourself, no matter what others think. If you change your outlook, things will also change. Try it! This is a wonderful poem, and also a great outlet putting your feelings into your work. Keep it up - you've got real potential! Linda