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Never Here Til' You'Re Gone
TN (July 16th,1989 / Seattle, WA)

Never Here Til' You'Re Gone

Poem By T.C. Nyxx

Flirting comes with courtships grace,
But I try to speak and maintain my guard,
Only around you I fall flat on my face,
I can only hope to not land too hard,

But that smile, those eyes,
That confidence and charm,
It's no wonder to me,
Why you stir in my heart,

Just standing there makes me breath a bit more,
Makes my heart beat a little quicker,
Makes my heart ache so sore,

And I do nothing because cowardice is comfort,
I smile back and occasionally speak,
But I hesetate to do so,
It's my words that I eat,
and my tongue that hate,
It's easiest to blame,
For my studders and butterflies,
My rambling and pointless conversation,
So please, walk quicker,
And so realize I'm so near,
As soon as you walk away,
That's as soon as I'm here.

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