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Never Is Forever
RCL (to long to rememebr... I was just a baby / Big Mamou Louisiana)

Never Is Forever

i ve heard never use the word never
because nomatter what the endeavor
your will can make it come true
because God beleives in you

I ve heard never use the word forever
nomatter how clever
nothing is made to last that long
so dont beleive the song

with all that i have say
its hard to find my way
through the tangles of lies
and the deceit most of of them try

I ve given up on all but two things
and as long as the blue bird sings
I ll beleive in me
and the life that is to be

the future is not be bright
and love is no where in sight
but I am ready for the long haul
and rest assured I'll be giving my all

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