JA (oct 1 / bv)

Never Judge

when katrina hit all i could do was cry
watching the news i thought it was all a lie
everything i had, i lost it all
hurricanes are making this world get small
never in my life thought it would happen this way
all i got left to do is pray
im missing all my family and friends
i know we'll always be til the end
i want my life back
living this way im starting to slack
its messing me up, in life, in school
all this mess, it really aint cool
i wish this wouldnt of happened to me
but it did so im living my life unfree
my heart is locked up
and i cant let go
and i happy with this
the answer is no
but everything happens for a reason
and now were right back at hurricane season
but now im finally starting to move on
its been two years but everythings still gone
i know your like, damn cheer up
but i try and try and my life is so rough
poeple judging, but they have no clue
never judge me til you've been in my shoes

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Great Poem, thank you for sharing the feelings and emotions of your own. Please don't judge my name, as its true meaning is kindness, somehow in US since before Katrina that's how they would usually call me....Thanks for the Poem Again! KARINA
Judge not so you will not be judge.... is like Never judge me till you've been in my shoes! Cool piece Jade. Thanks.10 from me.