Never Knew

I found you gain just layin there crying
I just stared not realizing you where dying
until the tear came, first it was one falling
then it was a rush of them coming

I ran over to your bed side
grabbed your hand into mine
asking whats wrong with my sunshine
whats wrong is all I could get out
before you said I doubt

you opend your palm and out it came
the killer of this sick game
I wish it was something u made
well it kind of was it was a razor blade

you opened your eyes and looked at me full of tears
then I found out youve been doin this for years
but now it finally went deep enough
right through flesh it went and I wasnt enough

there was no blood on the blade
it was lying there sweaty and on the ground
and it wasnt the blade that killed her
it was the broken heart she had from me
her killer

I killed her,
I was the tool that went through
I was the monster
it was me and i never knew

by Elliott Gilbert

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This is really sad...But really good.