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Never Knew
AE (August 23,1989 / Salem Ma)

Never Knew

Poem By Andrea Edlund

just when you think
things cant worse
it blows up
in your face

all the lies
come at once
all the betryal
starts coming alive

it hits like bomb
that shatters your heart
it leaves opened wounds
that seep out all the pain

it erases all your smiles
and replaces them
with fakes ones

it replaces the love
you've longed to feel
with hatered and regret

just when lifes
getting back
in order
it destroys you
once again

it kicks you down
and keeps you there
killing everything
you've once known

everything becomes lies
promises break
as if they were never made

lifes twisted & sick
knocking you down
then picking you up
only to knock
you down again

just when
you think you can
trust someone
they destroy everything

life kills
but never replaces
whats been takin

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