Never Knowing

Poem By Sarah matthews

Everyday I sit here and wonder..........' What if he was mine? '
But then again hes probably thinking..........' What does she want? ! ? ! '
So I'll just sit in my room and wonder where the lyrics fit in my life now...... wondering how these things can be better.

Sometimes I dream about getting into a car crash, and they announce over the intercom the next day.......' Sorry for the interuption, but we have just been informed that one of our students did not make it through the night after her car crash......' and then see how many people would actually cared.

There is a very big difference between actually caring and just being there. There is always going to be that one person who would never leave your side no matter just takes time to find that person. Many people have heard the saying the glass is half full or half empty.......well what about the glass is half full and fixed or the glass is half empty and broken? No one really knows what people truly care about. It only takes a second to prove to someone that you dont care but a lifetime to prove you do...................

Pick the people you love and never deceive them, once you have lost there trust forever. When making someone your world, and they leave, does that mean there is no more world? or does it simply mean that you have a new world in which you can start over?

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