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Never Knowing

Why did you bother,
To change yourself the way you did?
No one had noticed,
Except the ones closet to you.
You may not have thought so,
Until you'd gotten through it.
But by then some people weren't talking to you.
You tried to talk to them,
They'd ignore you.
You'd ask why,
They'd walk away.
You'd get angry,
They'd shrug it off.
You'd try the next day,
They'd be a little over it.
You'd try later,
They'd be saying short phrases.
By the next day,
You'd be chattering intensly with them.
It'd be like nothing ever happened.
It'd be like nothing ever happened.
But, it'd be very doubtful that they just forgot,
It's not like they'd just let you know.
So you'd go on in life not ever knowing,
While they'd be pondering on it.

(January 11,2007)

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