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Goodnight My Dear Love

Goodnight my dear love
and I am sending you the sweetest
of sweet kisses with all of my loving warmth.
Come snuggle with me my only one
and we'll get so cozy feel content
in our true love and deep endless care.
I love you sweet lady and want
to be with you right now
as I lay my head down to drift into dream land
where I'll hold you so near.

Goodnight my dear love and feel me
right with you there kissing you sweetly and tender.
Come snuggle up and rest your head on my chest
so I can soothingly talk to you
while I rub your back and stroke your hair.
I love you my Angel you are a gem
so truly rare.
I would do anything for you
and just want to make you so very proud.

Goodnight my dear love and how I long for you now,
I am always yearning for your company.
You are such magic to me and eternity
is all that will do to be with you.
I love you so deeply and care for you tenderly
I want to give you all you've deserved forever and ever.
I love you dear lady and will always be with you
so I wish you goodnight and ask you
to come and snuggle so tightly.

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