JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

Never Leave The One You Love

just to hold you again in my arms is to forget the world and leave it behind

just to lay with you is to forget the blood running away from my body till we both pass out merrily

just to speak to you bring unknowing tears crying out to say hi

just to stare into those eyes for another second would mean nothing too small but my intire life for you

so please don't be the one to send me away like all the others i loved

still i want to stare into your eyes
still i want to touch those lips
still i want to bring warmth to your heart

you still mean more to me than most of any other

i love you for now
for yesterday
for tommarrow
and for the days to come

just please never leave me like the others i said that to

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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