Never Leave You Behind

Poem By ali dez

'Wait for me, Daddy', the man turned around to find,
his little girl was catching up, he smiled 'I'd never leave you behind'.
She got on and jumped off the swing, pretending she could fly,
She fell down and scraped her knees, and then began to cry.
Her daddy wiped her tears, and inside he fell apart, he thought someday he'd wipe her tears when someone broke her tender heart.
She brought him his old toolbox and pointed by the shed, 'Take the training wheels off my bike Daddy', the little girl had said.
Her face looked so uneasy, he watched her little hands shake,
He looked at her and smiled, this was the first risk she'd ever take.
Elbow pads, and knee pads, her helmet strapped on tight,
It weighed her little body down,
but she knew Dad must be right.
Soon enough the day would come, when she would go to school,
He wanted to treasure these younger years, when he wasn't so 'uncool'
One day he went to pick her up, and they went to the icecream store,
Bubblegum or cotton-candy? Which did she like more?
He offered her a scoop of each, but then she asked for a milkshake,
He only wished that would always be the hardest choice she had to make.
His little girl loved all birds, and how each flies and sings,
He told her he always hopes she'll never stop loving such nice things.
And as he lie in bed, at the very last moment of his life,
He was surrounded by his greatest joys, his daughter, and his wife.
He wished he hadn't gotten sick, his little girl was now only 12 years old
But when her hand touched his, the moment didn't seem to be so cold.
He saw her through her childhood, but he wanted to make sure the world would treat her well,
Then he saw the sparkle in her eyes, she'd be just fine, he could tell.
His eyes filled up with tears, as the room filled up with sorrow, 'It's okay, ' she whispered 'just believe we'll talk tomorrow'
Then he closed his eyes, with her, the last picture in his mind,
she let go of his lifeless hand..'I'll never leave you behind'

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