Never Let Go

Without you the night would be dark
The moon would not shine and life would fall apart
The angels would stop there watch over all
and every angel from heaven would fall
Life would just come to an end
And the earth would stop spinin
Every soul would lose their voice
And lose the right to make their own choice
Life would be nothing
It would go nowhere
The moon would not shine
Everything would never seem fine
My heart would never beat again
For you my heart would stay cold
Living without a soul
Waiting for you to come into my life
Then life would all be again
The night would shine with the moonlight gleem
You gave so much and never got a thing
So for you i give you this
A promise for you and you alone
The promise that i will never let go!

Written by; Shannan Christine Hunt
Wednesday,14 June 2006

by Shannan Christine Hunt

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