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Never Let Go
RL (7/1/1984 / Topeka, Kansas)

Never Let Go

Let me explain my views...
Even though it's hard too, I must
For you'll never know the true heartache
I face with out you.
You have brought heaven to hell on earth.
You keep me believing, trusting, and loving
You brought happiness to my sad depressed existance.
You opened so many doors to a better life,
And you've helped me close the doors to yesterday.
I long for you to be happy,
to hear you laugh
to have your every want and need fullfilled.
I can not bare the thought of you and I parting ways.
I want to thank you
for completly filling my heart with joy,
You have become my knight,
And you have saved me.
I can never let go.
I can not turn my back on you,
I dreamt that we made it to eternity,
with the endless love we hold dearly in our possesions.
I will never forsake you.
I will never let go.

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