Never Lose Sight


Never lose sight -
When at times we are suffocated by the crippling weight of our own darkness,
we glimpse a flickering light struggling to survive that shines from deep within our soul.
This is the eternal glow of our inner core - this is our true spirit -our being.
It has travelled through past lifetimes gathering together wisdom, knowledge and direction,
continuing to grow and retain every experience to now become part of this present destiny.
Each lifecycle feeds our soul gaining a deeper understanding of our selves,
giving us awareness and respect for our amazing planet and for those -
we seem to encounter in this and every other lifetime.
Never question your destiny, live it from within.
Feed your spiritual self on this your chosen journey.
Find the positive energy in each and every moment.
Dig deep you will find priceless treasures throughout each day.
Recapture the natural wonder of this abundant planet that is your gift.
In your darkest moments open your eyes - dont just look -
see the beauty of a tree - the endless serenity of a blue sky,
wonder over the magnificence and the secret depths of the powerful ocean.
Breathe in the air that surrounds you filled with the perfume of a summers day.
This creative canvas a feast for the senses - indulge - be enchanted.
Never lose sight.

18th March 2004

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