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Never Lost Never Forgotten
SP (May 22,1990 / Salt Lake City)

Never Lost Never Forgotten

Poem By Sierra Pac

Still and soft
Peace and quiet

Her soft mane
Her galloping run
Two different species
Living as one

Gentle and happy
Our bond grew
Until you wrecked it
For something for you

There is no point
In taking her away
Where does that leave me?
What am I to say?

She’s my best friend
The one I could tell secrets
So I cut a piece of her hair
Knowing I’ll keep it

It hurts to know that forever was lost
Another thing gone in me years
It makes me wonder…
Should I keep loving if what I love just disappears?

But forever in my heart
My horse will lay
Her smooth fur, gentle touch
I yearn for her to love me and stay

But she will be happy
In your care
I bid her goodbye
Our love to share

Still and soft
Peace and quiet

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