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Never Loved
MT (May 21,1993 / Camden SC)

Never Loved

Poem By Megan Thomas

She wonders why nothing will go right
She looks around but can’t help to sigh
Her eyes are no longer dry.
Has her happiness all gone bye?
Does she have nothing else to live for?
Her heart has once again been tore.
It is his fault his ego, his pride
He can’t figure out, he can’t decide
Who he likes or who he wants
His memory so clear as it haunts
She can’t take no more
She finds the only open door
She grabs a blade
And holds it steady as it finds its way
As it starts to drip
She realizes that was its last trip
As the puddle grows bigger
She strokes across it with her finger
She hopes he is glad
As her last breath comes with a drag
She pauses and thinks once more
Of who she loved and adored
With no last thought
She brings her life to a halt
She was never loved
Until she reached, above

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i know you are not Suicidal and i love this poem its my all time favorite