NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Never Meeting The Eyes Of Another

passing by so many sets of eyes,
every day of our lives,
never stopping to look,
just what they do disguise

sometimes i try to steal there pretend distraction.
and meet eye with eye,
see them as they realy are,
as clear as the crystal morning sky.

no one takes the time to smile at each other any more,
preffering to hang there heads low and stare aimlessly at the floor.
a few days ago whislt sitting on a stop starting train,
i smiled at a young child,
wild with disgust and distrust
the mother with sickened disbelief,
moved four carriages away.
such is the nature of lives today.

if you stare at a girl for to long,
you are a possible rapist.
if you smile at a child
you are a potential peodophile.

and so every one under the sun,
walks with heads hung-
in fear to the ground,
never meeting the eye of another.

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what great love of humanity! the heart alive with compassion seeing so clearly the way the world should work for joy to reign and truth to shine so the brave soul does what it must do day after day the bright smile never turning into a frown a fine poem