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Never Mind (A Song)
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Never Mind (A Song)

I picked up the paper and I filled out the ad
That I would place in it for myself
I signed the check, placed it in the envelope
The next day my ad was on the shelf

'Wanted new wife, old one ran away'
'Need a new one to take her place'
'Good man, works hard, has children'
'Lonely man has no time to date'

My friends they all laughed at the foolish thing I did
But children, they need a womans gentle touch
And single, and a job, and raising these kids
Sometimes it was just to much

When I came home from work one day
My friends they laughed all the way
I checked the mail to see what had come
I couldn't believe, A hundred letters in one day

I read all the letters, they sent pictures too
From all around the world, from all styles of life
The women were many and I was but one
I had to choose, but only one wife

I never knew so many would write
I read all the stories, about all their lives
I never knew, it seemed so cruel
So many, so many lonely lives

There was one lettter that stuck in my mind
From one woman, with just a few lines
She said I love children and want a happy home
Then she stopped and in big letters wrote the words, NEVER MIND

Never mind stuck in my mind
I don't know why but I had to write
Turns out she was what was missing in my life
We got married and she is my wife

I still wonder, when it comes to mind
I remember the letters, so many lonely lives
But I am not alone, I have found mine
We are happy the children and I and Never Mind.

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