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Never Mind Me
Cecelia Weir (March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Never Mind Me

I rise early in the mornings
Making sure everyone is fed.
I drive back and forth
Not a kind word is said.
Just never mind me.

I'm always asked by reason
Thousands of questions each day.
I'm expected to remember everything
And never receive any pay.
Oh, just never mind me.

They request to have money
My ends I barely make.
I save the little I have
Just for future sake.
Please never mind me.

When it comes to laughter
I never get a grin.
But when they are in need
Here they come again.
Oh, just never mind me.

I wonder to myself
What would you all do?
If I would just disappear
Since my presence
Is absent to you.
Never Mind Me.

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