Never Never Land

Everyone bows down to me and moves to my beat,
A brother fine, smart, honest, and 6 ft sweeps me off my feet.
Beautiful pregnacies, healthy children, and no birth pains,
No deadly tornadoes or hurricanes, just helpful rain.

No guns, no killing, no crimes all the same,
No envy, no hatred, no back stabbing games.
All men are equal and not judged by their skin,
Anywhere, except the world I'm living in.

I dream of a place where I wake up to the singing of angelic voices,
Where all people make the right choices.
Where times don't have to be rough and everyone can get by,
Where gas prices don't have to be so dawg on high.

I long for a place where I can go back in the day,
I wanna give my grandma a hug, I want to tell my friend hey.
I want to stop hurting because of the children dying,
I want to help all of the single mothers trying.

I can dream, it's a simple thing,
Where women are royalty, as they sit next to their kings.
As I wake up and pitch myself with my hand,
I find that I am in a place called never never land.

by Jacquanta Shootes

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