(22 November / Jakarta, Indonesia)

Never Play For Own God....

Such a greatest pity, for man and family
now they were allowed to live short, not till eternity
since they committed suicide at such a young age, a greatest pity
but if they ardently believed in God
they would choose the longest life on earth
all they had to ask was: Please dear God, give me an ardent life
their life would be prolonged right on the spot!

WHY is this brevity created? BECAUSE so many young artists died at the age of 27. That is not old, that is super young! Let them arise from their graves and they must read what here is written. Love the life that God hath given! Do not play for God, that IS a sin. I had this urge to write this short verse, thank you. Created with deep understanding for the life and love God has given,

HALLELUJAH is composed by Leonard Cohen (USA)

sadly yours,
Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess.

How painful our life is, make the best of it
try to survive with the help of God!
Of course, our group does exist
the survivals of the fittest!

AD. Friday, the 19th January 2018

1. Brian Jones, co-founder, and guitarist of the Rolling Stones.
he was found drowned at the bottom of his pool.
Died on July 3,1969.

2. Jimi Hendrikx, one of the best rock guitarists ever, music producer, singer and songwriter.
He died in his own vomit after taking a combination of pills and wine.
Died on September 18,1970.

3. Janis Joplin, very influential singer and songwriter.
Janis died of a heroin overdose.
Died on October 4,1970.

4. Jim Morrison, the legendary singer of the very first rock band in the world: "The Doors".
The cause of death is "heart failure" but no autopsy has ever been performed.
Died on July 3,1971.

5. As a further member, Richey James Edwards also belongs in this list at home.
Richey disappeared without trace since 1 February 1994 at the age of 27.
Given his mental situation and the location where his abandoned car was found,
it is assumed that he committed suicide by jumping from the Severn Bridge.

6. Kurt Cobain, co-founder, singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the legendary grunge band "Nirvana".
Kurt committed suicide by shooting himself through the head.
Died on 5 April 1995.

7. Amy Winehouse, world-famous singer, and songwriter. She longed to be loved by her mum whom she loved so much, but her parents divorced. She had only contact with her father,
A London taxi driver. She drank too much and became addicted to red wine.
Amy was found dead in her home in London. Perhaps by slicking too many pills combined with alcohol. She died a tragic dead at the age of 27.
Died July 23,2011.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

AD. Friday the 19th January 2018,
accidentally created on the Birthday of Princess Margriet,
the Aunt of the present King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
@ 21.37 hrs. P.M. West-European Time

by Sylvia Frances Chan

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You've touched a very sensitive topic Life's length or breadth ......well penned piece 10!