Never Say 'Die'

never say 'die',
always hope bright,
its just a delay but the destiny is not nab,
if you can't run, you can glide,
there are obstacle but always look up high,
all you need is for your faith to be ripe.

Even if fate as given you a taste of misfortune,
don't be lure to give up, and dont be idle,
keep away from jealous because its a poison,
focus on your track and dont look inferior,
in every man, there is a drop of greatness,
and deep down inside yourself, you will be handling something so powerful,
only if you never say 'die'.

Put your failure behind,
never stop by,
even if life makes it rousy,
hold tight,
and when everything seems unsettled,
never say 'die'

by Micheal Olaniyi

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