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Never Say Goodbye
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Never Say Goodbye

Poem By Eman Awad

We shall never say goodbye,
we will always be together.
So, lonliness you, we defy,
this love will last forever.
It was written in the stars,
we are meant to be.
Wherever i go i return to your arms,
you are my awaited destiny.
My love, you are the sun always to shine,
an angel from above it's beauty is divine,
i was so tired of being alone,
but now you are mine...

Life was a winding and lonsome road,
but now there is nothing as beautiful as life.
Your love decreased my eternal load,
and it was a convenient reason to survife.
If i said that my love would cover the oceans,
will you believe me? will you?
Or would you think this isn't fair for our emotions,
because we live love and we make it true.
We make it a privat world of our own,
May we always be in love
May it always be our home....

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aww how sweet. what nice poem.