Never Stoop Low If Sensible And Superior!

Heavy wind and rain with lightning and thunder have lashed out for a few hours! Drought hit dams and lakes are filled with water needed for many days by surprise!
Wind speed and rains have reminded of winter storms in summer time this time!
Plays of Nature are always a thrilling experience to witness and enjoy as children!

Yes, we are just small kids before the formidable friend of all species on the Earth!
Earth itself is a tiny dot invisible before the giant galaxies in the Space of Nature!
But many enjoying the generous gestures of Nature simply forget its huge power
And take everything for granted to the extent of destroying it by materialistic greed!

Harsh and honourable treatments of Nature all should respect in awe;
Our powers are nothing before its infinite power forever we all should realize;
That is the way we can live in harmony with Nature for long till time's end;
Sufferings and solaces we experience should give us wisdom to act wisely ever!

Otherwise, there is no difference between the senseless stones and us, if
We are really sensible and superior to all other species of Nature in the world!

by Ramesh T A

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