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Never Take Mine,

Never take mine,
Never separate all that we created,
No man ever take what we all have,
Iam located with that lobby,
I got no time to waste my time on Earth,
This is my Struggle that will make us see Faith and Justice,

Never take His,
Never take mine for Grabs,
Never take mine's,
For my tears were so many,
The time that is so ferocious,
Young hotshot,
That in all my endeavours,
You came to conquer the world with no secret's in faith,
That in my life,
Take time that you are very lonely,
I can never change these people,
In my world,
I must come to Understand,
The Battle is still on and on,
I love my brothers and sisters,
Never take mine,
For my tears were with no lies,
That God will Bless the Child of a King,
This is the story tell,
Never take His.

by maxpoet beauty

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