FU (26th of august 1999 / Nigeria)

Never Tell Mama

Am surrounded by Fire
And it's burning me
but don't tell Mama
Am surrounded by Water
I hold my breath
Drowning in death
But don't tell Mama
A lot has happened to me
these past Days
I've tasted betrayal
from my so called friends
And it has changed me
it has transformed me
am now a vulnerable child
waiting for death
But Don't Tell Mama
I trusted A lot
Even those i should not
Am in deep pain
Am in deep agony
Sorrow is now my second
But please,
Don't Tell Mama
If you Do
She will run to save me
from fire
But she will get burnt
She will run to save me
from Water
but she will get drowned
She will try to save me
from friends
But will end up hurting
Keep this A secret
Never tell Mama
My dear Brother

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I wont my dear, i wouldnt want mummy to get hurt Lovely poem
fire, water, you are in danger. and dont tell mamma. she will come and get burned while saving me or get drowned while saving me... such fine and loving write. sooooo full of love and care. thank you.
What a beautiful poem..
I read couple of your poems, I must book quick to appreciate your choice of employing simple words in painting your picture.it made your works easy to read & the messages easier to comprehend. Then mama shouldn't suffer where the cross is ours to carry. Lovely piece of work!
Hmmmmmm...... A stupendous African versification. I love the innocence the poem paints; the voice of words used successfully depicts the young child trying to beat the downs of life without stressing his mother whom he knows will trouble herself trying to help him out. The quicker a child realizes life's problems without relying on his parent, the easier it is for him to surpass
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