Never To Reach The Angels

In my life i hadn't ever seen a girl so wise so beauty.
Makes me waiting tomorrow comes to only see the pretty.
Nothing as beautiful as her charming face.
And nothing as charming as her beautiful kiss.
A girl so white so bright she is from the minority.
Like a dove flying peacefully spreads her sanctity.
Whenever i see her i hope bring her all flowers.
Whenever i leave her i miss her all hours.
But now im crying for a dream i thought it reality.
Was a mirage broke my serenity.
While, i woke up from reveries and i got a sense.
That my ruby, wouldn't be just a trance.
So i woo god to keep me in love this graceful pretty.
She will never be mine but im just waiting her generosity.
To bless me a fanatic slave wanna stay under her bliss.
Drown and drown in her love until getting my spirit in paradise

by issam hal

Comments (5)

'Nothing as beautiful as her charming face./And nothing as charming as her beautiful kiss.' Favorite lines. I'm noticing a common themes in your poems, and the subject I really like.
Nice composition, last two lines are beautiful.10++
Quite often, people think that men are incapable of showing and expressing true feelings of love, adoration and affection... well this wonderful gem dispells all of those myths... Very Sweet and Enchanting... she is blessed if you've found her... and in store for a wondrous treasure if you haven't and when you do. Be Well **10**
wow! ! ! dream--mirage-reveries and finally paradise. lovely. +10 regards anjali
wonderfull! ! ! ! ! ! ........thanks.......10